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A note from a Fresh Aire therapist, the full expressions of love -

As we begin another year of questions and confusion, I want to challenge you to explore what love means to you. Not only in a romantic sense, but in your ability to connect with others and yourself. Our connections have been challenged, there is no question in that, but we also have had the opportunity to self-reflect now more than ever. Are you able to explore your own self-worth and value?

Acclaimed author and speaker, Brene Brown, defines connection as “...the energy that exists between people when we feel seen, heard and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment…” This not only applies to connection with others, but also connection with ourselves.

Sounds strange, but stick with me on this – if you are honest with yourself, you are more likely to find true and honest connection with others.

Speak to yourself without judgment, without discounting who you are, and without fear of being, or not being, valued. This is the beginning of the full expression of love.

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